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LiFTS Testimonials

LiFTS has changed not only my life, but the lives of my children, as well. I am so grateful to Chrissy for showing me what love really means.

Before taking the leap of faith into the program, I was angry.  But I didn’t know how angry I really was, or how it was negatively affecting those around me. I lived life with a “screw you before you screw me” kind of attitude.  It was as if the world owed me something.  But what I didn’t know was that I owed myself.  There were patterns (that were identified later on,) that I was looking for love in all the wrong places - especially growing up. I created a false sense of security through pleasing others, being fake, conforming to whatever societal structure surrounded me, and by numbing out to my own reality.  If I just ignored things, they went away, right? Or so I thought.

Day one of LiFTS showed me what loving myself could feel like. It helped me heal a deep trauma that was literally weighing me down.  In just one M.A.P. session, I felt lighter.  I felt as if someone took that

hurt, that pain, and just let me stand a little taller. I was able to shift my thinking of anger, work through the sadness and feel the love. This was the day I truly started living my life.  This was the day I ended the anger that was passed down from generation to generation.

Throughout the next few months, I attended LiFTS group classes and continued my individual sessions.  There was a lot of upheaval and hard work that I went through, but I was so worth it.  Somedays I questioned the process, and I got tested often!  Sometimes I failed those tests and had to relearn the lesson, but I have become closer to God every time.  My (destructive) thought trains have completely stopped.  I have made the conscious decision to choose love.  And it feels so GOOD!

I have found myself helping others work through their own traumas, too. There is a certain peacefulness in showing someone love that was very foreign to me before. Although I am still learning and growing every day, I am such a better person than I was before.  I will absolutely continue to go deeper with this work.  I will continue to give love to everyone around me. If someone told me a year ago that this is where I would be at, I would have scoffed at them.  I would have thought this was impossible with everything I had been through.  But nothing is impossible when you choose love.

Over the course of my journey (so far), I have seen so many positive changes around me.  My children are happier.  My marriage is stronger. My life purpose is unfolding around me.  So many things are happening, and all of them feel amazing. For the first time in my life, I realize what happiness feels like; what LOVE feels like.

Thank you Chrissy.


With love,


Ashley - Military Spouse, LiFTS Live Participant and Train-the-Trainer Student

I’ve been dealing with lower back pain on and off since 2011 when I hurt my back working out (dead lifts require proper form lol) — but obviously was linked to my mental / spiritual state — i just never realized it. Fast forward to two weeks ago, the injury flared up. Not as bad as 2011 but it put me off my feet, not once but twice. In working with Chrissy Kay and some other folks I realized I was numbing out and upheaving. AND WASN’T EVEN REALIZING IT.

Like Hard core. My back was so bad at times over the years I literally could not move or tie my shoes (Family and friends can attest to it.) I recall one time being so defeated that I thought it was never going to get better. God was sending me a message. Loud and clear. Again just did not realize it. Until now.

So I decided enough is enough. I dove into my inner work — hours of meditation & setting intentions - went to a zen garden / hydrotherapy spa and finally did a healing session with Chrissy.

Later on today I talked with my mom and had a very intense conversation with her. At the end, she agreed to look into some counseling. I shared A LOT of what I had been working on to include the mirror exercise, the reason I was having pain and so much more. It felt really good since this was the first time I really shared in detail what I had been doing over the past 6-7 months. And openly talking about God — which is crazy

b/c I was a proclaimed atheist less than 4 months ago. And guess what. Hours later the pain started to dissipate. It’s probably a 1-2 at this point. But insanely better then before.

Moving forward I’m setting the intention of choosing my inner work to come first, no matter what. I also realized that I need to incorporate activities that are both spiritually and physically tied together so some yoga practice is the next step.

No matter what or where you are at, don’t ever give up on this process or yourself. It works. It’s undeniable. It has changed my life ➡️ From unconditional love, inner work, feeling your feelings, upheaving, the mirror exercise, MAP, setting intentions, sharing your journey, sharing God (or whatever you believe in), not numbing it, blocks, and so much more.

Stick with it. You are worth it. I promise.

Thank you Chrissy and this group for all that you do!

Much love!

Allison - Active Duty Officer, Combat Vet, LiFTS Live Participant and Train-the-Trainer Student