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Most Recent Class

Class # 1

We start a new series on going deeper into the Mind Alignment Process. We discuss Upheaval and breakdown more of the process as the participants choose to go deeper into their individual work. Chrissy leads the way in this class by inviting the participants to help guide her through an upset. As she shows vulnerability and heals her upsets the tables turn and participants go deeper into their own fears to heal and choose love.

Class # 2

Chrissy shares her personal experience of going back to her childhood town and visiting her biological family. This was a significant step on her journey as she chooses to walk the path she lived but with unconditional love. Katie and Ashley are also visiting family and experiencing first hand results of the progress one receives by sticking to the process and clearing trauma and choosing love.

Class # 3

The participants discuss owning their Personal Power. Chrissy opens class by discussing a resent leadership training experience at work and how by owning your personal power you will always "outrank" any manmade authority. Ashley provides an update on her journey and how she chose love in every moment as she visited family. Allison works through blocks of resistance as she surrenders to her internal desires and releases more control.

Class # 4

The Class dives deeper into their progress. Allison shares an updated from last week and how she is moving around freely now! Ashley and Katie both give updates and complete some mirror work on current situations manifesting in their lives! The work is continuous and ever deepening! Watch us go DEEPER than EVER Before as we stick to the process and don't give up on our Goals!! 

Class # 5

STUDENT LED CLASS! Ashley takes the lead in class as Chrissy is caught at the airport! As Ashley steps into this leadership role, she helps guide others and receives support from fellow classmates as she meets resistance. Go deeper with each class member as they venture into this new experience together! What have you done outside of you comfort zone today?? 

Class # 6

Chrissy takes the class deeper into understanding their life purpose following experiences of leadership from last week. Ashley shares her experience as she led class last week and Kristina shares a similar experience she manifested! Chrissy also goes deeper into the flow of her Life Purpose as she comes to a new awareness following last week's class. Everything that arises in your reality that is unavoidable - HAS A PURPOSE! 

Class # 7

Chrissy shares the next step in her journey as the military goes deeper with implementing MAP through a research study. Join her share in the incredible joy and love she has as the next step of her dreams manifests and she says the Progress and WAY she got to this step. Deep Faith, Persistence, LOVE, and a Great deal of Grit! 

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Class # 8

In the final class of this series everyone shares their progress. Chrissy shares how she is grounding into the next step of her Life Purpose. Katie is overflowing with Joy as her Twin Flame journey is unfolding. Allison is learning how to honor herself as she makes space for her spiritual work and grows into how to manage her time in a military school setting. Ashley guides us into some inner work and Nikki rounds it out by bringing us full circle into the lessons of the day!