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Class # 1

Chrissy sets the stage and discusses the power of presence and the importance of implementing the mirror exercise and other techniques into your daily routine. How Do you Think you Clear Upsets and Trauma? How is it done? What are techniques that are the key elements of coaching another through healing upsets?


The Mirror Exercise by Jeff and Shaleia Ayan

Practicing Presence

Unconditional Love


Divine Gifts

Sharing Your Gifts

Honoring the Process of Growth 

Exercises:*Meditate Daily with the meditation at the end for 7 Days and Ground into Unconditional Love for yourself and Sharing Unconditional Love with Others.


What are you incorporating into your life to maintain a Self-Care Regime.


What Pillar are You working on?

Class #2

Ashley starts by sharing her success and Katie dives deep into blocks about sharing her success with others. She practices the mirror technique with Chanel and figures out where she is at. We discuss how it's important to know your limits as you move forward and share your gifts. Chrissy finishes up the class by guided Chanel through clearing childhood trauma.

Class #3

We discuss the Purpose of Life. The group had homework to watch a Life Purpose Class and we discussed the class content. Topics included - What is my Vision for myself, my life, the planet, and all the people around me. Participants share their passions in Life and what motivates them. You can join Life Purpose Class at: www.lifepurposeclass.com (Please tell them at time of purchase Chrissy referred you). 

Class #4

We deep dive into the mirror exercise by reviewing  the book "Finding your Ultimate Lover" by Jeff and Shaleia Ayan. This Train the Trainer went very deep into spirituality and finding the community that is for your highest good and magnetizing your good to you as you continue on your healing journey. 

Class #5

This course deep dives into Presence. My internet connection failed just as I was discussing the power of presence.  Enjoy the unedited version of presence in practice and the participants deep diving into the mirror exercise and the importance of embracing the core value of presence in every day life. 

Part 1

Part 2

Class #6

What drives us to do what we do in life? What drives our choices in behavior? Is it who we are or who we chose to be based on societal expectations. Chrissy shares more about her journey and the moment she decided to heal our Warriors. Allison and Ashley give us much desired updates on their own healing journey and Amanda takes us deep into clearing some resistance to sharing with others.

Class #7

The group dives back into the basics as Katie shares an upset surrounding acceptance and moving forward in calling in her true family as a single mother. The group receives hands-on application by walking through the mirror exercise while Chrissy monitors their habits to assist in going deeper into their confidence to share the easy exercise that changed their lives. 

Class #8

Chrissy shares some experiences on her journey to the States to walk her life path but this time with unconditional love and takes the group deeper into the steps of the Mind Alignment Process. Ashley shares a story and the group reviews and outlines the steps of the Mind Alignment Process. If you are interested in going deeper into the Nine M.A.P. steps - check out the next online course in this series - Progress through the Process.