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I am a military leader, Doctor of Philosophy, and the CEO of Mind Alignment Process (MAP) Inc.


Throughout my entire life, I was taught to conform, change, live by established social norms and rules, keep quiet, and ultimately follow orders.  I've endured War, trauma, domestic assault and abuse.

I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the majority of my life. My PTSD symptoms included numbing my feelings, instantly angered, avoidance, sleep deprivation, triggers, flashbacks, self-medication, irrational negative thoughts, mind-traps, impulsive spending, self-sabotage, scared / skittish reactions, failure to complete simple tasks, and lack of motivation or drive.

I was alive but not living. I felt broken.

I have been serving in the United States Army for over 16 years and been living with PTSD the entire time and did not know. I was so numbed out to my own behavior - it took a traumatic event to recognize it.

I have attended countless military training session on abuse, PTSD, sexual assault, suicide awareness....just to name a few. We endure them together and they have little impact on our formations or our families. It is not just the warrior who suffers, our families share our pain. From my foxhole, our programs are not working! Our system is broken.


My favorite part of serving in the United States military is being a part of something bigger than myself. It is a gift to join a community driven to achieve a common goal. You become a family.

Jeff Ayan healed my trauma from combat, domestic abuse, domestic assault and psychological and emotional abuse.


Jeff did this in only 1 session - a life of suffering was completely transformed in less than 3 hours.


I am extremely grateful and simply want to share this gift with my military family.