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I am a leader with a purpose. I made the choice to stop suffering in silence and heal my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 


Jeff and Shaleia Ayan guided me through the Mind Alignment Process (MAP) and my PTSD was HEALED in just one session!

Our Military Mental Health Programs are overwhelmed and focused on treating PTSD.

I'm focused on healing trauma completely, at the core. 


As a military leader, I recognized we have a problem - I found the solution.

Welcome to Space for the Soul



I Love sharing my spiritual journey and how I developed a solid foundation of unconditional love in my life. 

My work is grounded in the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia Divine from Twin Flames Universe

I am a live student of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia. 

My life transformed as I implemented the mirror exercise into my life and I am extremely compassionate about sharing this life transforming work with the world. 

One major lesson I learned when finding God is this journey is limitless. I am always invited to go deeper into God's loving arms and share my gifts with the world. 

Sharing the way back to God taught to me by Jeff and Shaleia brings me great joy and immense peace in my life. 

I invite you to connect with me today if you desire to create a life grounded in unconditional love and support. 

Living Free Training Sessions "LiFTS"

My Life completely changed after receiving Mind Alignment Process  (MAP) healing. Every negative pattern I developed from PTSD faded away, to include those I fell into during childhood.

I realize many do not believe it can be this easy - it is too good to be true. I promise you it is not, I simply desire to share this unique healing technique with everyone!

I created a FREE E-course to introduce you to the work that changed my life. I share my experiences with bringing this healing modality into the military and inspire others to follow their dreams.


This online group is grounded in the foundational teachings of Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flame Ascension School. 


If my work inspires you to purchase Jeff and Shaleia's Life Purpose Class or Twin Flame Ascension School, I invite you to refer me at time of purchase. 



I had a session with Chrissy for my PTSD and by the end of the session, I couldn't stop smiling so much that my cheeks were hurting. I couldn't believe it - I was lost for words!!

Memories and triggers that had been torturing me daily for over 10 - one even 20 years POOF...gone!


Not only do those once traumatic memories no longer trigger me or cause anxiety attacks, but they've been replaced with beautiful scenes filled with unconditional love, spiritual growth and deep clarity.

During the healing, Chrissy also gifted me with the identification of 3 of my core values that I was not even aware of but were strongly present in my vibration from as early as 7 years old. She also helped me clear a huge block I had regarding being able to see myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session and feel blessed to have been given the gift of connecting with Chrissy through this powerful healing.


She is a natural at what she does. She guides you through the session .........

~ Sama